Holiday Catering


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Thanksgiving Menu

Starters & Sides

(prices are for half trays, feeds 6-8 guests)

Insalata Rucola $55
arugula, tomatoes, Grana Padano cheese, lemon dressing

Insalata di Verdure $70
roasted vegetables (sweet potatoes, acorn/butternut squash, carrots), walnuts, fresh ricotta

Involtini di Melanzane $65
lightly fried eggplant slices filled with ricotta and mozzarella, served in marinara sauce with Grana Padano

Roasted Brussels Sprouts $70
with caramelized onions, Italian sausage, toasted almonds

Polpettine alla Marinara $70
our classic meatballs (contain beef & pork, ricotta) in tomato-basil sauce


(half trays feed 8-9 guests/full trays feed up to 18)

Lasagna Bolognese $75/$140
classic PDC recipe with pork, veal & beef ragù, bechamel sauce, Grana Padano DOP cheese

Vegetarian Lasagna $70/$130
a pdc specialty, with mushrooms, potatoes & spinach, bechamel sauce, Grana Padano DOP and Fontina DOP cheeses

Spaghetti alla Vodka $60/$110
there’s nothing like vodka sauce form scratch, there may not be any leftovers for Friday

Butternut Squash Ravioli $70/$140
with Italian sausage in Grana Padano cheese sauce


Pumpkin Ricotta Cheesecake $55
imported buffalo-milk ricotta and pumpkin

Tiramisù (half tray) $50