Pasta Dal Cuore Downtown Jersey City

Dining at Pasta Dal Cuore is truly an experience; sometimes, however, you are in need of Italian cuisine but do not have the resources or time to visit our restaurant. Fortunately, we offer catering options so that Pasta Dal Cuore’s dishes can be enjoyed by North Jersey residents off-site.

Italian food is a commonly requested catering cuisine because it holds well and appeals to a majority of the population. In order to ensure that all in attendance enjoy their meal, Italian food is not only a safe choice, it is a delicious and well-received choice.

At Pasta Dal Cuore, we consider our catering services to be just as important as our in-restaurant dining services and treat them as such. When you order catering through Pasta Dal Cuore, you can expect the same quality of food and service that you would receive if you were to dine at our restaurant. Further, we can accommodate those with certain dietary restrictions and have certain dishes that are 100% vegan.

Perfect for meetings, office parties, family events, school functions and reunions, Pasta Dal Cuore’s catering services are the perfect choice for those in need of high-quality catering services in North Jersey.


Contact Pasta Dal Cuore today to receive a custom catering quote for your next function. Please be sure to include the number of attendees, any dietary restrictions or requirements, and the date and time of your event to help ensure that your catering experience with Pasta Dal Cuore is nothing short of spettacolare!